About a decade ago, I graduated with a B.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (IITD). In 2016, five years into an evolving investment banking career, I quit my job. I spent the next year traveling around South America and Southeast Asia, solo.

In late 2017 I launched On My Canvas. Here I share the why’s, how’s, and why not’s of living freely and fully. For me living a free life means taking decisions for myself by asking the right questions, assessing the options not by fear or social pressure but by logic, and keeping myself aware of the consequences. Living fully means seeing through the unreal wall of the limitations we impose on ourselves and moving forward through it.

I concrete my growth and life inspiration ideas with tonnes of research. These ideas are based on my first-hand experience. The blog has a lot of posts on understanding how to cruise through the choppy waters of our emotional selves. I deeply care about emotional health so I read its latest science and books, ask my friends and strangers, and delve to excruciating depths of my own emotions to make sense of it all.

I also write about my writing journey, cultural biases, and meditations from individual books. The blog has a large section devoted to travel stories. Most of my travel destinations aren’t much visited and I rarely read anything before seeing them. You will only find pieces full of history, culture, and what I ended up doing (or missing) in the place.

If you want to see the world or get a different perspective, On My Canvas is a good place to hang out. But I write long articles. And you will not find quick hacks here but only simple ways of doing things little by little. Welcome!

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