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solo traveler


I travel often and long. I am a solo traveler, mostly. But sometimes I might be in the company of my partner or a good friend.

Traveling inspires me to write, but it also inspires me to live. And I weave the silhouettes of these inspirations to form stories, poems, or memoirs. Or I just write anything and call the writing whatever I want to.

In this section, you would find many such creations of this neophyte artist 🙂

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To get some travel inspiration, please read the articles on this page: Travel Inspiration.


A writer or a painter or any artist can appreciate nothing more than an honest recognition of his or her work. It keeps the artist going on the harder days.

So if you enjoy a verse or a prose, please leave a comment. It might just make my day 🙂

And even if you hate something, please leave a comment. I would increase the dosage of caffeine and work on the feedback 🙂



Come along. Let’s wander.

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