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Travel Posts

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Hi there.

Welcome to the footprints of my wandering soul 🙂

solo traveler

I travel often and long. I am a solo traveler, mostly. But sometimes I might be in the company of my partner or a good friend.

Traveling inspires me to write, but it also inspires me to live. And I weave the silhouettes of these inspirations to form stories, poems, or memoirs. Or I just write anything and call the writing whatever I want to.

In this section, you would find many such creations of this neophyte artist 🙂

To read these travel stories along with some of my travel tips, please visit these pages: South America, Southeast Asia, India, and Visas on an Indian Passport.

To get some travel inspiration, please read the articles on this page: Travel Inspiration.

A writer or a painter or any artist can appreciate nothing more than an honest recognition of his or her work. It keeps the artist going on the harder days.

So if you enjoy a verse or a prose, please leave a comment. It might just make my day 🙂

And even if you hate something, please leave a comment. I would increase the dosage of caffeine and work on the feedback 🙂


Come along. Let’s wander.


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8 thoughts on “Travel Posts”

  1. Didi I just randomly doing your blog and I’m loving it!! Love your journey and strong kindness. I’m too from a small town and honestly I’m kinda scared of venturing out too much. I hardly know anything about the outside life..but seeing blogs like this and other people living their best lives independentally, it inspires me to leave for colege to start a whole new journey.

  2. This is such a cute post! It reflects so much of your cool attitude and the wonderful person you are. The fact that you just write anything and call the writing whatever you want made me chuckle! Will surely get some travel inspirations… keep writing and keep inspiring all your readers! Good luck

  3. What a breath of fresh air you are. Thank you for being so honest and vulnerable. It gives me the courage to be so as well. Are you this honest/ vulnerable in real life? That’s the tough stuff.


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