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A Complete Guide to Visas for Indian Citizens – Let’s Travel

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Visas for Indians

When I started traveling with my Indian passport, the first thing I realized was that Indians cannot travel easily without applying for a few visas, no matter wherever we go. Whether I went to Southeast Asia or Europe or the UK, I spent days and months aggregating the required documents for a visa, filling arduous application forms, contemplating if I should hire a travel agent, requesting my employer for a NOC, asking the photo studio to print my ridiculous passport size photos quickly, rushing to the banks to get account statements, and still fretting if I would get a visa or not – I did it all.

The process of getting visas for Indian citizens haven’t relaxed, but as I travel more, I understand the visa requirements for Indian citizens better. Also, I have figured out that Indians can go to many countries which give visa on arrival for Indian passport holders (Thailand, Bolivia, Ethiopia, and more). Indian citizens can also visit countries where Indians can go without visa – nations such as Indonesia, Bhutan, Nepal et cetera. Some countries also give either free entry or a visa on arrival for Indians holding a valid UK, US, or Schengen visa, and Indians should be able to see these countries with ease.

My years of solo travel has allowed me to understand how to cross countries on an Indian passport and the places we can travel to while not feeling burdened by the visa process. I wanted to share this information with other Indian travelers. So I aggregated my personal travel experiences and a lot of research into this guide to visa for Indians.

I promise you that by the end of this article, you will feel much more confident about traveling the world without much hassle.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s go.

What does this Visa for Indian passport holders guide contain?

  1. Category1: Countries which gives free entry or electronic authorization or visa on arrival to Indians holding a US, UK, Schengen, or Australian visa or permanent residentship.
  2. Category 2: Visa free countries for Indian passport holders
  3. Category 3: Countries with visa on arrival for Indians
  4. Category 4: Countries providing evisa for Indians
  5. Category 5: Countries where Indian citizens need a tourist visa

Category 1: Countries which gives free entry or electronic authorization or visa on arrival for Indian citizens holding a US, UK, Schengen, or Australian visa or permanent residentship

1. Peru (Visited)

Since March 2017, Indian nationals holding a minimum six-months valid visa or who are permanent residents of either the US, Canada, UK, Australia, or any Schengen member country can enter Peru for one-eighty-days (180) per year without a Peru visa(for tourism and business visits).

If you do not have a valid visa or a permanent residentship to any of the countries mentioned above, please read my experiential guide to Peru visa requirements for Indians.

2. Chile (Visited)

Since 1st April 2019, all Indian travelers holding B1/B2 Visa or Residence Permit (Green Card) from the USA, with current validity of six months, do not require a Chilean tourist visa (either Simple Tourism or Multiple Tourism or Multiple-Business).

Please read my Chile visa for Indians guide to see the official message of the Chilean government. I have written down the detailed process to get a Chile visa for those who cannot enter with a US visa or residentship.

3. Colombia (Want to visit)

Colombia gives a 90-day free entry to Indians who hold a valid US visa of any type (except transit) or a Schengen C/D visa (should be valid for 180 additional days).

If you do not have a Schengen or US visa, please apply for the Colombian visa for Indians here.

I applied for the Colombian visa from Chile, but the consulate of Colombia rejected my visa for they didn’t see any valid visa to Chile in my passport. They wanted to make sure that I had a visa to return to Chile, which was irrelevant for I was going into Ecuador from Colombia.

4. Oman

Indian citizens can get Oman visa on arrival if they are the permanent residents or hold an entry visa to the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Japan, or any of the Schengen nations. Oman visa for Indians cost 20 Omani Rial, and the visa would be valid for a month.

Please have a look at the Official Oman website for more information.

5. Costa Rica (High on my want-to-visit list)

Indians who have a valid multiple-entry USA visa(exclusivity B1/B2, D and C1/ D of multiple entries) or a valid visa to CANADA (multiple entries) can enter Costa Rica without a visa. Or if you have permanent residence (Greencard holder), a student visa (F1, J1), a work visa (H1B, G4, L1, EB-1, etc.) of the US, Canada, and EU, you can visit Costa Rica without taking the hassle of applying for a visa. You cannot stay beyond the expiry dates of your visa or your residence permit, and the duration of stay cannot exceed 30 days.

If you do not have any of the above visas, you will have to apply for Costa Rica visa for Indians. Read all the rules and further clauses here on the Costa Rica embassy website.

6. Guatemala (High on my want-to-visit list)

Indian travelers holding a valid US, Schengen, or Canada visa do not need a Guatemalan visa to visit Guatemala, and you can stay for a maximum of 90 days.

Read more about the Guatemala visa for Indians here at the website of the embassy of Guatemala in India.

7. Nicaragua (want to visit)

Indians having a valid USA/UK/Schengen visas can get a Nicaragua visa-on-arrival.

Do check out the official consulate website of Nicaragua for more information on Nicaragua visa for Indians.

8. Mexico(High on my want-to-visit list)

Indian passport holders who have a valid U.S.A., Canada, United Kingdom, or Schengen visa do not require a visa to visit Mexico.

For further information on Mexico visa for Indians, you can visit the Mexico embassy’s website.

9. Argentina (a South-American country I will visit on my next trip to the Latin land)

Indian passport holders can travel to Argentina on an E visa or an electronic authorization if they have a valid BS US visa or a valid Category C Schengen Visa, both valid for at least six months.

As per Argentina’s official consulate

“Only for Passport holder of India, Nepal and Maldives, For TOURISM Purpose Only

For the holders of Valid B2 US Visa (Valid for 6 months) OR
For the holders of valid Category C Schengen Visa (Valid for 6 months)
Validity of ETA will be 3 Months from date of issue
Stay Period will be 3 Months with multiple Entry/Exit
Fees for ETA will be USD $ 50
Processing Time of ETA is 20 working Days”.

You can read more about the electronic authorization here. Apply for a regular Argentina visa for Indians if you don’t have the US or Schengen Visa.

10. Turkey (most likely visiting this year)

Indian passport holders who have valid visa or residence permit from Schengen, US, UK, and Ireland are eligible for Turkish eVisa. eVisa will be issued for 30 days. Apply for a Turkish online visa here.

If you do not have any of the above visas, then you need to apply for a regular Turkey visa for Indians.

Category 2: Visa-free countries for Indian passport holders

Visa-free countries for Indian citizens are those where you can enter without having to apply or obtain a visa before traveling to the country, and you do not have to queue up at the immigration control/border to pay for a visa and get one stamped.

Please Note: You should read the specific requirements of each visa-free country before you go there. As a rule of thumb, carry proof of sufficient funds, a return flight ticket and/or necessary visas for your onward journey, and hotel bookings for the first few days so that you have an address if the immigration officers ask for one. Also, remember that your passport should be valid for at least six months beyond the period of stay, and it should have blank pages for the immigration authorities to put stamps. These are general requirements of most of the visa free countries for Indian citizens, but make sure you know the conditions well before you take that flight.

You can book your hotels on Booking while comparing the prices and availability as per your dates.

1. Bhutan (High on my want-to-visit list)

Indian passport holders can visit Bhutan without a visa. You just have to carry your passport or any other valid government ID.

Please note: Bhutan visa for Indians doesn’t make any sense as you don’t need a visa to travel to Bhutan.

Update November 2019: In an official statement, Bhutan declared that tourists from India would soon have to start paying a per-day travel tax as well. Earlier these charges weren’t levied on Indians, but as the number of tourists from India to Bhutan has been increasing exponentially (180,000 per year to be precise) Bhutan wants to cash-in on the opportunity while letting the tourism grow sustainably.

2. Fiji, an archipelago of 300 islands  (Want to visit)

Indian citizens can get a permit while entering Fiji. This entry permit is valid for four months and is even extendable.

You can refer to the official Fiji Website for the detailed instructions on Fiji visa for Indians.

3. Hong Kong (Want to visit)

As per the official Hong Kong immigration website, Indian nationals must apply for and complete online pre-arrival registration to enjoy the 14-day visa-free visit that Hong Kong offers or enter Hong Kong during transit.

If you stay for more than 14 days, you would need a visa. You can read more about the pre-arrival mandatory registration and the Hong Kong visa for Indians here.

4. Macau (Still undecided when I want to visit Macau)

Indians can stay in Macau for up to 30 days without a visa. If you wish to stay for more than 30 days, you need to apply for a Macau visa for Indians at the Macau embassy.

Refer to the official Macau immigration website.

5. Nepal (High on my want-to-visit list)

Indian citizens can visit Nepal with their passports or Election Commission Cards (Voter IDs).

You can read the official declaration of the Nepal government here.

Please note: Again, Nepal visa for Indians doesn’t make any sense as you don’t need a visa to travel to Nepal.

6. Ecuador (Want to visit)

Update 2019 – Indian citizens now need a visa to enter Ecuador since August 2019. More on this in this article by the government of Ecuador.

I have heard that Indians were abusing the free visa usage and hence the visa requirement. That is just sad.

The below information that I had written before isn’t true anymore. 

Indian nationals (and other nationalities, too) can enter Ecuador and stay there for 90 days visa-free. Ecuador visa for Indians is not required unless you plan to stay there for more than 90 days.
Remember to carry your passport, which should be valid for at least six months, return air ticket, and financial proof to support your stay in Ecuador.
Ecuador is a country(apart from Cuba) whose consulate’s website had broken pages, so I am linking to a travel company’s page which declares the official visa exemption message from the embassy of Ecuador.
Please note: You can carry a print out of this declaration while traveling to Ecuador to show to the immigration officers.

7. St. Vincent and the Grenadines (a tiny island on top of the continent of South America and high on my want-to-visit list) 

Indians can travel to this Caribbean island without a visa and stay up to 30 days. The 30-days stay is also extendable.

8. Saint Kitts and Nevis (a tiny island on top of the continent of South America and high on my want-to-visit list) 

Saint Kitts and Nevis is a visa-free destination for Indians, and you can stay there for up to a month.

9. Trinidad and Tobago (again a country on top of South America and high on my want-to-visit list)

Indians can stay in Trinidad and Tobago for up to 3 months without a visa.

10. Senegal (Undecided if I want to visit)

Indian passport holders can visit and stay in Senegal for 90 days without any visa. Read the official announcement of the Senegal embassy to understand the exemption of Senegal visa for Indians.

11. Jamaica (Want to visit)

Indian citizens get a free entry into Jamaica and can stay there for up to 30 days.

Visit the Jamaican embassy’s website here to know the rules and requirements of the Jamaica visa for Indians.

12. Indonesia (Visited)

Indonesia allows (almost) all nationals to enter the country for 30 days without any questions asked. You can also pay USD 35 (which is what I did) to get a receipt, and then you can extend your stay for another 30 days, two times. If you don’t pay and enter Indonesia visa-free, you have to leave within 30 days.

I paid for I wanted to extend my stay. But I didn’t eventually for the visa extension process was long, and I could leave Bali and go back.

So choose the option that fits you better. Though the immigration never asks any questions, make sure you carry the basic things such as return ticket or an itinerary, proof of funds, hotel bookings et cetera.

If you plan to stay for more than ninety days in the country, then you should apply for an Indonesia visa for Indians at the embassy.

Recommended Read: My guide to Indonesia visa on arrival – All you need to know

These were some of the countries where a visa is not required for Indians. I will keep updating this list as I travel and research more.

Category 3: Countries with visa on arrival for Indian citizens

Visa on arrival means that when a tourist enters a country, the immigration officers either stamp the tourist’s passport to mark her date of arrival or the traveler queues to pay for a visa, fills a form, and gets a visa stamped on her passport. You can also think of these countries where Indians do not need a visa before traveling to the country. PAs per the rules of the country, the traveler can then stay for up to a maximum number of days in the destination. The number of days is calculated from the day of arrival, mostly including the day of arrival.

Please Note: Don’t forget to read the visa requirements of the countries providing on arrival visa for Indian passport holders before you go there. Irrespective of what anyone might tell you, always bring proof of sufficient funds to support your stay, a return flight ticket and/or necessary visas for your onward journey, and printouts of a hotel or hostel bookings for the first few days so that you have an address if the immigration officers ask for one. Your passport should be valid for at least six months beyond the period of stay and should have enough blank pages for exit and entry stamps.

You can book your hotels here on Booking and keep the print outs of the bookings ready to show at the immigration.

Visa on arrival countries for Indians are these:

1. Thailand (Visited)

Thailand gives a visa on arrival to Indians. The immigration officers didn’t ask me for any return ticket or hotel bookings. The lines at the arrival are short in the early morning. You would have to provide your passport, one passport size photo, return/outward flight ticket, a visa application form, an arrival card that you will get in the flight, 2000 Thai baht as the visa fee, hotel bookings, and proof of sufficient funds.

Thailand visa for Indians is valid for 15 days. Don’t forget to leave on time, as I did.

Bonus Information: Thailand has currently waived the visa fee of 2000 baht until October 2019. Here is the official message of the Thai Government in Thai.

Covid 19 update for Thailand visa on arrival:

As of the time of writing this update, Thai immigration has mandated the Thailand Health Declaration form, or T.8 Form, to be presented along with the visa on arrival, in order to enter Thailand. You can use this iVisa service to get both at the same time without having to do the process at arrival(some people mentioned they could not download the T.8 Form or the immigration application failed when they tried using it on their own.)

iVisa would send you the pre-arrival registration for your Visa on Arrival and the T.8 Health Declaration.

You also need proof of health insurance that covers COVID related issues and have a negative COVID-19 test (RT-PCR test) issued within 72 hours before departure.

2. Armenia (a former Soviet Union country next to Turkey and maybe I will visit on my Turkey trip this year)

Quoting Armenian, “Starting from November 22, 2017, citizens of India can get a visa on arrival at the airport or other border crossing point with a maximum validity of 120 days (extendable by another 60 days). It is also possible for Indian nationals to get an e-visa by applying online at”

I will update the article when I travel to the country and try getting an Aremina visa for Indians.

3. Micronesia (An archipelago of islands in the Western Pacific ocean and high on my visit list)

Indian passport holders can either get a free entry or visa on arrival. I am still searching more about the Micronesia visa for Indians.

Do leave a comment if you have been there and know how to get the visa.

4. Bolivia (Visited)

Bolivia gives a visa on arrival for $55 to Indian nationals if they arrive at Santa Cruz or La Paz airports. As I was crossing into Bolivia via land, I decided to get a visa before traveling to the country, and so I went to the Bolivian consulate in Cusco. The visa application process was fast; Bolivia gives a free visa for Indians, and I had the visa in an hour.

If you are planning to get a Bolivia visa on arrival, then please confirm by calling the Bolivian consulate in Delhi, as I have heard mixed reviews of Indians who tried getting a visa on arrival in Bolivia.

Here is my guide to Bolivia visa for Indian citizens which will guide you through the application process. You can apply for a Bolivia visa from anywhere in the world.

5. The Maldives (An archipelago of islands in the Indian ocean and not so high on my visit list for almost everyone I know goes to the Maldives)

The Maldives visa for Indians is free.

Quoting the embassy of The Maldives, “A thirty-day free visa is issued on arrival for all Nationalities, provided the following conditions are met:

  1. Should possess a valid passport and;
  2. Have a valid ticket to continue the journey out of Maldives and;
  3. Have enough funds to cover the expenses for the duration of the stay in the Maldives. (US$100 + $50 dollars per day) or confirmation of reservation in a Tourist Resort or a Hotel.

You can find the Embassy of the Maldives in India here.

6. Madagascar (an African country high on my want-to-visit list)

Indian citizens (and everyone else) can get a free visa on arrival to Madagascar which is valid for 90 days.

Please read the full requirements of the Madagascar visa for Indians on the country’s consulate website here.

7. Laos ( a Southeast Asian country high on my want-to-visit list)-

Laos gives visa on arrival to most of the countries of the world, and, thankfully, India is one of them. The visa is valid for 30 days.

Read more about the Laos visa for Indians here on the Laos Tourism official website.

8. Saint Lucia (a tiny island on top of the continent of South America and high on my want-to-visit list)

Indians get a visa on arrival for Saint Lucia. You can have a look at this Wikipedia page for information on the visa policy of Santa Lucia. Though Saint Lucia embassy has a page that says Indian citizens do not need a visa, the information around the web says that Indians can get a visa on arrival. Also, I am not sure if we should trust that page as it was last updated in 2011.

Category 4: Countries providing evisa for Indians 

This category is for those countries which give e visa for Indian nationals. Travelers can apply online, fill the required forms, attach the necessary documents, pay, and receive the visa in their email. You need to print the visa and carry it when you travel to the destination country.

Please remember: Always bring the printout of the e-visa, proof of sufficient funds, a return flight ticket and/or necessary visas for your onward journey, and hotel bookings for the first few days so that you have an address if the immigration officers ask for one. Also, remember that your passport should be valid for at least six months beyond the period of stay, and it should have blank pages for the immigration authorities to put stamps.

I am repeating the things that you need to carry so that you don’t forget. Sometimes you can be turned back for the lack of even one paper, so better to be safe.

1. Malaysia (Visited)

The first time I visited Malaysia in 2012, I applied for a visa to Malaysia via an agent. But years have passed, and I am more of a do-it-yourself kind of a traveler now. So now when I traveled to Malaysia from Bali in 2018, I got an eVisa to Malaysia.

The visa process was simple, and I got the e-visa within 24 hours of submitting the application and paying for the visa.

Please read my complete eVisa to Malaysia visa for Indians guide to understand the process in detail.

If you don’t want to go through the process yourself, you can apply via any of the many online visa agencies that provide Malaysia visa.

2. UAE (Want to visit)

I still haven’t been to this beautiful Arabian land though many friends have asked me to visit them there. One day.

Here is my travel blogger friend Soumya’s brilliant guide to UAE visa for Indians.

3. Sri Lanka (high on my want-to-visit list)

Indians can apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization to Sri Lanka from here. You will get a travel permit which would allow you to stay in Sri Lanka for 30 days.

Read more about the policy of Sri Lanka visa for Indians on the island’s official immigration website.

4. Myanmar (Visited)

Myanmar offers e visas to Indian visitors.

Recent Update: Myanmar has announced visa on arrival for Indian tourists entering the country through the international airports of Nay Pyi Taw, Yangon and Mandalay beginning 12 December 2018.

Another Update: I traveled to Myanmar in December 2019 and got an evisa. The visa application was simple, and I got the visa on the same day. You can get a visa on arrival, too, but as many travelers told me that a VOA takes much more time, I opted for the eVisa. At the immigration at Yangon international airport, the officer saw my evisa and passport. Neither did he ask me any questions nor did he request any other documents.

You can read more about the Myanmar visa for Indians in my linked guide.

5. Cambodia (Visited)

Cambodia gives e visa to almost all countries. The visa is valid for three months, and on the Cambodia visa for Indians, you get to stay in the country for 30 days. The visa fee is 36 USD.

Apply for the eVisa from the official website of Cambodia.

6. Tanzania (An African country high on my want-to-visit list)

Since January 2019, Tanzania allows Indian nationals to get an E visa to Tanzania. You can apply for the visa here.

Though the Jamaica visa process is online, you might have to visit Delhi to receive the visa or for an interview. Read the complete details about the Tanzania visa for Indians on the country’s official website.

7. Bahrain (An island country in the Persian Gulf high on my want-to-visit list)

Bahrain gives an eVisa to Indian nationals. Apply for the Bahrain visa for Indians here.

8. Antigua and Barbuda (An island country where the Atlantic and the Caribbean meet)

Antigua and Barbuda also have an eVisa application system, and you can get an online visa here.

9. Georgia (a gorgeous country in Europe which is a dream-like visit)

Georgia is the only European country that gives e-visas. Indian nationals can apply for an E visa here on the official Georgia consulate website in 3 simple steps.

Please note: Georgia sent back a lot of Indians (and maybe other nationals, too) from the immigration for reasons unknown. So before you go, check with their embassy about the Georgia visa for Indians, and do read the news about the current developments.

10. Zambia (An absolute must-visit)

Zambia provides eVisas to Indians.

You can apply for the Zambia visa for Indians here.

Category 5: Regular Tourist visa for Indians  

I hate this category the most as Indian passport holders do not have an option to travel to these countries without going through the full-fledged visa process.

But this is how it is for now. So, on we go.

1. The UK (Visited, both on a work visa and tourist visa)

I have applied and received both a work visa and a tourist visa to the UK. Europe and the UK are the two places which require the most number of documents. I never hired an agent and completed the visa process myself, both the times. So if you plan to hire a travel agent to get the visa then don’t be surprised if they ask you for things like a letter from your father allowing you to travel as you are a solo woman. Please ignore those documents that aren’t listed on the official websites as the prerequisites, but the travel agents insist you arrange them.

Only provide the records that the embassy or the application mentions and nothing more. The information on the internet makes us feel that the more documents that we have, the higher are the chances of getting the visa. But you are wrong to think that a thick bundle of papers will help you get a visa.

Your chances of getting a visa depend on whether you have a correctly filled application form, the documents required by the consulate, your visa interviews, and if the destination country doesn’t think of you as an immigration threat.

I applied for the UK visa via the VFS (Global visa management company) website. I filled the application form and provided a cover letter mentioning my itinerary, flight tickets or itinerary, hotel bookings, bank account statements for the past six months stamped by the bank, payslips for the past 3-4 months, IT returns, passport size photographs, and a letter of no objection from my employer. You can apply for the UK tourist visa for Indians on the VFS website here.

2. Europe (Visited)

To travel within Europe, you need to apply for a Schengen visa. The rule of the thumb is that you apply via the VFS of the European country you will spend the most time in. So if you plan to travel within Italy for two weeks and one week in the Netherlands, apply to Italy for a visa. The Schengen visa that Italy would give you will allow you to travel entire Europe.

Some countries are known to delay visas. I have applied once via Germany and another time by France. Both the times the process was smooth, and I had got my visas within a week.

Schengen requirements from India were almost the same as the UK visa.

You can apply for the Schengen visa for Indian citizens at the VFS website here.

3. Australia (want to visit)

Indian citizens need to apply for an Australian visa via the VFS, too. You can read about the Australia visa for Indians on VFS’s website here.

4. Cape Verde (another archipelago of islands in the Atlantic Ocean)

Indian passport holders need a visa to visit Cape Verde. You can write to the consulate of Cape Verde and ask for the requirements of Cape Verde visa for Indians and the application process as I couldn’t find the direct links to apply online.

Here are the address and contact details of the Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Cape Verde:

6/24, Shanti Niketan,
New Delhi — 110021
Tel.: +91–11–24114292 / 93
Fax: +91–11–41055381

5. The USA (Want to make a road trip around the US)

US visa for Indian citizens allows us to enter many more countries, as you already know.

I applied for the US visa and got a 10-year tourist visa to the States. Though long, the visa process was simple.

Must Read: I have written all about the US visa application process, the documents required, and the interviews here in a detailed guide to the tourist visa for USA from India. Read the myth-free and real process of the US visa, and please let me know if you have any questions.

6. Malawi (An African country high on my want-to-visit list)

Indian nationals need to have a Malawi visa.

Please refer to the Malawai immigration website to understand the Malawi visa for Indians requirements.

7. Uruguay (a South-American country I will visit on my next trip to the Latin land)

Indian citizens have to get a visa before visiting Uruguay.

Read about the Uruguay visa for Indians process on the official consulate website of the country.

8. Paraguay(a South-American country I will visit on my next trip to the Latin land)

Indians need a visa for traveling to Paraguay.

You can visit Paraguay embassy website and apply for the Paraguay visa for Indians there.

9. Brazil (High on my want-to-visit list)

Indian passport holders need a visa to visit Brazil.

Update October 2019: Though Brazil has said that Indians would not need a visa to travel to Brazil going ahead, I haven’t been able to find an official declaration of the visa-exemption by the Brazilian embassy in New Delhi.

Please share your experience of applying for a Brazilian visa or if you are able to travel without a visa in the comments below so that we all stay updated about the visa requirements.

10. New Zealand (Would visit in a few years) 

Indian travelers need a visa to visit New Zealand, and you can apply for the New Zealand visa for Indians via the VFS here.

11. The Bahamas (Want to visit soon)

Indians need a visa to enter The Bahamas. The Bahamas visa for Indians is valid for three months.

Please visit the official Bahamas website for more information.

12. Cuba (High on my want-to-visit list)

Indians can travel to Cuba on a tourist visa card. The online information about Cuba visa is deceptive. Here are the Cuba embassy’s official rules for anyone visiting Cuba on a tourist card which serves as a Cuban visa. [Update October 2020 : This link is broken now. But I can’t find another official website either. Let me come back sometime and update when the website is live.]

Cuba’s embassy website pages are broken, which makes me laugh; I wonder how cool it would be to visit this place which doesn’t promise the internet, and people say that almost nothing works on time. But don’t we travel for this unpredictability and challenge?

Please Note: If you are visiting Cuba from the US, do read this Medium article written by a kind guy who traveled to Cuba (flew to Havana from the USA) from the States in 2018. There is some confusion around if Indians need an A1 Cuban visa, or we can visit Cuba on a tourist card. I am sure that Indian travelers flying to Cuba from the US can travel on a tourist card which they can buy in the flight (confirm with the airlines you are flying) or even at the Havana airport.

Also, a Cuba tourist card guide of an Indian couple residing in Costa Rica confirms that Indians living outside the US, too, can travel to Cuba without an A1 visa. Though this couple had a US visa, the officers at the Havana airport didn’t check it but still browsed through their entire passport.

Here is a Cuban visa service that has written about the need for an A1 visa (read the description at the bottom).

I promise to resolve the confusion around Cuba visa for Indians visiting from India, soon.

13. Honduras

Indians do need a visa to visit Honduras. For now I can only find that one has to apply for a Honduras visa through an agent as Honduras embassy is not yet open in Delhi (it is expected to open soon). I will update the article if I find new information.

Find all my visa for Indians article below.


I will keep adding to the relevant list of countries with my experience as and when I visit a new place or get more information about a country from you guys. Please help other readers and me by leaving a comment on the article about your experience of applying for a visa or if you faced any problems at the immigration or even if things at the international borders went smoother than you had imagined.

Let’s help each other travel for the world is beautiful, and we have much to see. Cheers.

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  1. This is a great article. Unfortunately, most of these rules do not work on ground. After Covid, a great deal of restrictions have been imposed. Argentina has cancelled the EVA facility for Indians having Schengen area permit. Also, Mexico is not allowing people who have valid Schengen area permit. Needless to say, a resident permit is equivalent to a six month Schengen visa in all sense. And more importantly, who will apply for a Schengen visa for six month for going to South America? But that’s logic, and that’s been very rarely seen now a days. So the bottomline is, get ready for dealing with these issues. Don’t lose courage but treat it as part of life.

  2. Colombia gives a 90-day free entry to Indians who hold a valid US visa of any type (except transit) or a Schengen C/D visa (should be valid for 180 additional days).
    I read this in your blog guide to visa for Indian.

    I am planning to travel North America, Central America and South America.
    My entry point to South America is Colombia from Panama by flight.
    I am holding a USA visa.
    I want to know while taking a flight from Panama to Colombia, what documents I am supposed to show at Panama airport other than USA VISA.

  3. Amazing blog post. Thanks for all this info. I am planning a trip to Peru (using my UK visa to get entry) and its good to know that I can apply for other South American country visas from there.

    A general question about Schengen visas. Its been difficult to get a Schengen visa from the UK (i am currently in London) since I only have a long term standard visitor visa and I am not a resident. Is it possible to get a Schengen visa from a Peru based consulate?

  4. Hi Priyanka,

    I might be wrong but I think El Salvador can be entered by Indians as well — it might be free entry for all or definitely with an US or Schengen or Canadian Visa. I will know for sure when I enter tomorrow :).
    This is am amazing effort useful for many. Although I have been to may be more than 40 countries on this list, selfishly I have never taken the effort to document anything. So kudos to you for taking that effort :). It’s a lot of work.


  5. Firstly appreciable thing on women’s stand because seeing life on a different note and yes even girls can travel alone and make every dream come true. Talking about the article it is never boring after reading the entire article I could sense the enjoyment of every treasure you took in your journey and this article made it easy ay for others to get the information. thank you and all the best

  6. Mozambique also grant visa-on-arrival to all countries. It is one of the best countries for Indians to visit. Also would appreciate it if you add the entries for South Africa, Morocco, Egypt, Uzbekistan, Japan and Jordan.

  7. I am planning for a Trip to Peru. My intention is to see Lima and then visit Maachu Pichu .

    What do u suggest as i will be travelling with my family?

    What is shortest&Economical way to travel from Lima to machu Pichu ?

    Also what all places can i cover in and around Lima?

  8. Appreciate that you put a detail list of requirements for Indian citizens. There are few (including me) who are passionate about travelling like you are. In spite of living in the US for over two decades( huh!) i still have to go to multiple websites multiple times of the countries i’d like to visit to gather information.

    I have still managed to visit few and experience the joy of travel , even with all the restrictions imposed on Indian nationals LOL

  9. Hey Priyanka… well done, that was an informative blog and I totally enjoyed reading it. Having been a traveller myself for over 20 years I’ve gotten aroumd fairly well. Respect to the traveller community from India who travel despite all the hurdles…that to me is having a true passion to travel.Hopefully your blog will convince my mates from India to visit me someday. If you happen to stop by Mexico which I now call home, I’d be more than happy to show you around and hopefully add to more insights on your blog…keep it up!

    • Thank you, Manoj. You are very kind. I am glad that I was of help. I hope your friends visit you soon. I for sure want to do a long trip in Mexico and would let you know when I do that. Keep reading 🙂

  10. Alas! Ecuador has apparently scrapped the NO VISA policy for Indian Passport holders w.e.f. August 14th 2019. Indian Passport holders would need to apply for an Ecuadorian Visa. I was lucky to visit Ecuador in 2015 and it was an awesome experience.

    Your blogs are truly inspiring for travellers like us! Keep going!


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