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Peru Visa for Indians, 2024 [From India and South America]

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Covid-Related Travel Update Jan 2024 – Peru is now open to international travelers. And as per Supreme Decree 130-2022-PCM in Peru’s official gazette El Peruano, Covid entry requirements and all other regulations and restrictions were lifted from November 2022. You can also look at the official website of the Peru government for more information. My guide to Peru visa for Indians would be helpful.

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Peru is an easy country to enter. People from the US, most countries in the Americas, and Western Europe do not need tourist visas for Peru. But it is a different case for the Indian citizens.

Peru Visa for Indians

The process of the visa to Peru was worth the effort to see the gorgeous country (here’s my extensive travel guide to Peru). But the process simplified soon after I visited Peru.

Since March 2017, Indian nationals holding a minimum six-month valid visa or who are permanent residents of either the US, Canada, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Australia, or any Schengen member country can enter Peru for one-eighty-days (180) per year without a Peru visa (for tourism and business visits). 

The maximum period of stay will be up to one hundred and eighty (180) calendar days, either as a continuous visit or several consecutive visits, during the term of one year.

You can check out the declaration of the Peru visa exemption by the Embassy of Peru in India.

But those of you who do not hold any such visas or permanent residentships, please read on to understand the process of Peru visa for Indian citizens. 

I visited the Peru consulate in Santiago. The office gave me a list of documents and told me the visa would be issued in two days. Please note I had a six-month temporary residency in Chile and a Chilean identity card (Carnet or RUT). I have also listed the process of application of a Peru visa from India and the Peru visa requirements. 

Suggested Read for Indian travelers: My comprehensive guide to visas for Indians, information on almost 60 countries, and I am constantly adding more.

Travel Visa to Peru for Indian Citizens — Applying from Chile

Here is the list of the documents I had to submit to the Peru consulate in Santiago (Given I held a temporary residentship of Chile),

  1. Passport and a photocopy of the passport
  2. A photocopy of the Chilean identity card
  3. Certificate of Antecedentes (a criminal or police record, proof I hadn’t engaged in illegal activities during my stay in Chile)
  4. One passport-size photo
  5. Last three-month bank statements
  6. Hotel bookings during the stay in Peru
  7. Return flight tickets
  8. Completed application form

I had everything else except the return ticket. I spoke to an Indian friend who had recently traveled to Peru, and she told me she had to get many documents notarized (from the list mentioned above) to submit the Peru tourist visa application. But she did not show flight tickets as her Chilean friend had explained to the consulate they were traveling to Peru by car. The process of visa for Peru depends on the specific consulate and the concerned officials.

As none of the airlines allowed me to hold tickets, I went to the Peruvian consulate with the rest of the documents. The documents were straightforward. You can get the Certificate of Background from the Civil Registry in any Chilean city. I submitted my Indian Citibank account statements (in English), and the account balance was in Indian Rupees. My Chile Identity Card (carnet) was valid only for a few more days.  

I paid 36 USD for the visa fee. I also explained to the lady at the consulate I was planning to travel by bus. She grabbed my documents and went to speak with her boss. 

The inquisitive visa lady wanted to visit India and wondered if arrange marriage still prevailed in India and if my parents had chosen a groom back home. She even asked me if I had a boyfriend. See, visa interviews and appointments aren’t all boring. 

While talking to me, she not only forgot that other people were waiting for her, but she also forgot to tell me her bosses didn’t care for return tickets.  

Two days later, I collected my passport which was stamped with a 183-days, one-year valid, and multiple entry visa for Peru.

Visa for Peru — Applying from India

As per the Peru embassy in India’s website, the below documents are required.

1. Passport with a minimum validity of six months after the expected date of arrival to Peru.

2. Photocopy of the front and back sides of the passport.

3. Two (DGC 005) forms duly typed or handwritten, in block letters and using black ink.

4. Three recent colored, passport-size photographs (4.3 X 3.5 cm) with white background. The face size should cover between 70% – 80% of the photograph.

5. A cover letter duly signed by the applicant.

6. If employed, the applicant must present a no-objection certificate furnished by the employer, indicating the date they joined the organization, as well as the purpose and the time of their stay in Peru.

7. Round-trip ticket reservation to Peru – I always use flight itineraries (not confirmed reservations) or blocked tickets or tickets on hold while applying for a visa. For if there is any problem with the visa, you will lose the money with confirmed tickets.

8. Day-by-day detailed itinerary while in Peru – The embassy needs this to get a rough idea of your travel plans. Have a look at my best things to do in Peru guide and make a Peru itinerary for yourself.

9. Hotel reservation(s) in Peru – Book on Booking. If you don’t like the reservations or change your dates, you can always cancel and rebook.

10. Proof of financial solvency, e.g. bank statements, fixed deposits. These are required even if the trip is sponsored.

11. Personal Income Tax Return (ITR) of Form 16 (1 year), if applicable.

12. In case of sponsored trips:

  • The sponsor in Peru or India should present a guarantee letter attesting that he or she will be responsible to bear some or all costs of boarding and lodging of the applicant, or repatriation if needed.
  • Valid identification document of the sponsor, e.g. Peruvian DNI, Aadhar card, Passport, or any other valid national identification document.
  • Proof of financial solvency of the sponsor, e.g. bank statements, fixed deposit.

As per the embassy, the time of Peru tourist and business visa processing for Indian nationals normally ranges from 4-5 working days. The visa fee is Rs 2250, in cash. Also, notice that the Peru embassy has written – Peru does not require travelers to hold a valid yellow fever certificate.

But if you go to the Iquitos part of the Peruvian Amazon, I would advise you to get a yellow fever vaccination done. Be safe, always. (Related Read: Manu Park Tour, The Amazon Jungle, Peru)

As per readers and other friends who have shared their experiences with me and also as per the Peru embassy, you can apply for a visa to Peru with an agent. The processing time is about 3-4 working days or more if the embassy is busy.

a landscape scene of Peru with farmers working in the fields used in an article on peru visa for indian citizens

An Important Note Regarding Visas

I traveled in Peru for a little more than a month. I had 183 days and a one-year-valid multiple-entry Peru visa stamped on my passport. But the immigration officer at the Arica-Tacna (Chile-Peru) border crossing stamped my passport allowing me a one-time stay of thirty days, only. To get to stay a few days over a month, I went to the immigration office in Cusco. 

The officer listened to my pre-rehearsed story that elaborated I was in love with Peru (this story of a Peruvian grandmother would tell you why) and a month to explore it was too short. He stamped my passport with more days and suggested I request the border officer next time to allow me to stay the entire duration granted by my visa. 

I would have told the young immigration in charge at the Tacna border that I intended to stay for the whole period, but I was still new to long-term travel. Also, the officer at the border crossing had been bewildered to see an Indian passport; he twisted and turned my passport in his hand and was only relieved when my Chilean taxi-driver-cum-immigration-expert told him I held a visa to travel to Peru (Visas will continue to trouble me in South America. You can read about the time I shuttled between the Chilean and Bolivian border controls in this narrative).

All the bags were scanned, and I was found guilty of possessing pears and plums, the life-saving rehydrating souvenirs from the desert city of Arica. As Peru is a major cultivator and exporter of colorful fruits and vegetables, I was allowed to cross only after the border officials bereft me of the fruits.

But I should have told the officer I intended to stay for the entire duration of my visa and should have requested him to stamp my passport accordingly and not as per any time he felt comfortable with.

Peruvians still live and dress up like in old times.  an old peruvian women in traditional clothes used in an article on peru visa for indians
Peruvians still live and dress up like in old times.

About Peru

Peru was historically and culturally rich. I still have to visit a lot of countries, but I am sure Peru would remain one of my favorites for a long time. 

As I climbed the imposing summits of the mystical Machu Pichu, strolled along the cobbled streets of the bustling-yet-quaint town of Cusco, immersed myself in the serenity and the lushness of the Manu National Park in the Amazon, and watched a star-studded night from the roof of a rustic house on the remote islands of the highest navigable lake in the world i.e. Lake Titicaca, I couldn’t help but gaze at the Peruvian natural wonders and the man-made, nature-adhering solutions in awe. 

The air of Peru was filled with romance, and the politeness of the people and the rich aroma of the flavorful Peruvian food indulged me completely.

Also a helpful read for your South America trip: My list of Basic Spanish Phrases along with Hindi and English phonetics. (You can also print the guide and bring it along on your Peru trip.)

a peruvian woman with spices in the market
Peru, the master of spices. Peruvian food is flavorful.

Guys, as long as you have time and health under your arm, travel. If for nothing else, travel to see this world, that is more beautiful than anything else.

peru rainbow cloud in countryside

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Let me know if you have any questions. A lot more South America articles are on my blog. You can find them by navigating to this South America page.

If my Peru Visa guide helped you please pin it so that others can find it. Thank you.

cusco cathedral at plaza de armas in cusco peru being used for pinterest image for Peru visa for indians travel guide

Are you planning to go to Peru? Let me know if you have more questions about getting a Peru Visa for Indians. Peru visa requirements for Indian citizens As you can see, many people are posting their experiences, asking questions, and helping out each other. Let’s keep this information exchange going to have the most recent information and experiences on Visa for Peru.


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40 thoughts on “Peru Visa for Indians, 2024 [From India and South America]”

  1. Hi Namasté… I have a question…my husband is coming soon to Peru, what exactly is the cover letter. Thank. Hope you can help us.

  2. Hey
    I was referring best places to retirement and pery was one if affordable place
    I have 10 years valid visa for USA and UK
    I am going to retire in Oct 2020
    If I want spwnd my post retirement days in Peru what is the process of obtaining visa and stay arrangements. Also which place to select in Peru.
    Also considering COVID situation will embassy respond
    Thank you

    • Hey, thanks for dropping by. I think you should send an email to the embassy to enquire about long-term stay visas. Or you will have to take their best travel visa and go in and out of the country so that you can keep getting fresh visas. Hope this helps.

  3. If someone is sponsoring your all expenses , so is it necessary to show the bank statement who is applying for peru visa? I mean if he is not a capable to go by his own expenses so thats y he is taking sponsorship!

  4. Hey Priyanka, unlike your Bolivia Visa blog, you didn’t mention here if it is a single entry or multiple entry visa.
    I was thinking of the possibility of going to Bolivia from Peru and then coming back to Peru for my return flight.

  5. Wanted to know more about Peru
    The cheap accomodation for Indians.
    Also a lot more.
    And if there are any Indian restaurants and Indian businesses in Lima and other major cities in Peru

  6. Hi Priyanka
    For Peruvian visa one is not required to visit personally the Embassy in Delhi. The documents can be submitted through any other third party or a travel agent. The usual processing time is approx. 3-4 working days depending upon the rush. The passport needs to be collected Physically they do not courier. As for Air tkts any travel agent can issue you a block tkt, it works fine these guys at the Embassy are not really bothered about it. I have been going to Peru since 2011 and own Businesses there I have been doing it on a Business Visa and did not bother to get a Carnet. I am a resident here in Goa.
    But it is a nice thing you travelling South America its a wonderful continent to visit and spend time.
    All the best with you future travels. God Bless.

    • Thank you, Vijay, for the information. Peru is a wonderful country. Did you get a chance to see the other countries in South America?

      I will add your Peru visa experience to update this visa article for applying for a Peru visa from India.

      Please keep reading. Thanks 🙂

  7. Hi Priyanka,

    I am an Indian passport holder with valid USA B1/B2 visa and temporary residence of Poland. I am planning to visit south america and would like to know which countries I can visit without visa or visa on arrival?

  8. Hi,
    Just a query..i have a six month valid visa for UK and its start from Aug, 19 till Jan, 20. I am planning to visit in November. So may i dont need to apply for Peru visa. Or at the time of entry in peru my visa should be valid for six months from that date? Please clarify.

  9. Hi Priyanka,

    Amazing post and information.

    I am traveling to Peru in September and had a few questions:

    1. How reliable/safe is Uber in Lima and Cusco ? Any tips for Uber or other local transportation ?

    2. How should I go from Lima airport to Miraflores ? Uber/Taxi/Airport Express?

    3. Is it safe to take late night bus from Ica to Lima (leaving Ica at 10pm and arriving Lima at 2:30am) ? Can you recommend transportation option from Javier Prado (Lima bus station) to airpot ? Can I just take Uber? How safe is Javier Prado at late night?

    4. Did you book a tour to Lake Titicaca ? If yes which one and for how many days? I plan to visit Lake Titicaca from Cusco but not sure how should I do it ?

    Thanks in advance :).


  10. Hi Priyanka,

    One query regarding the visa. I am not a holder of any other visa so will be applying for Peruvian visa directly.
    Seems like the embassy is only in Delhi (I stay in Mumbai)
    It also says documents cannot be couriered. Please let me know how do I go about it – is choosing an agent the only way to go about it, if I want to avoid flying to Delhi.

    Also – beautifully written post.

    Many thanks

    • Hi Sneha. Thanks for your message. I think if embassy is in Delhi, you will have to go to Delhi. Call the embassy and ask them or email them to check if you can courier the stuff. If not, an agent would be the way to go if you don’t want to fly. Good luck. Let me know how it goes.

  11. Hi Chetan. Sorry for the delayed reply. You can stay in cheap hostels and hotels around Peru. In major cities in Peru, only a few Indian restaurants are there. In some cities like Arequipa, I could find only one. Indian businesses in Lima aren’t many. Are you planning to open one? Thanks for your comment. Hope this helps.

  12. Hi Priyanka,
    Love the post very helpful thank you 🙂
    Wanted to ask something real quick. So I have a tourist visa(B1/B2) to the USA with 10 years validity so this means I donot need to apply for a visa at the Peru embassy. What i want to know is: is there any form online that I need to fill before my travel or it is something like visa on arrival?

    Thank you!

    • Hey Arundhuti. Thank you for reading the article.

      If a country allows entry on a USA or a UK visa they just see the visa when you arrive. I would suggest printing the official declaration of Peru that I have linked to and carry it with you when you cross Indian and Peruvian immigration.

      If someone asks, just show that.

      Hope you enjoy your Peru trip. I have many more articles on Peru, including a detailed travel guide, that might help you. Let me know if you have more questions.

  13. I have a couple of question Priyanka.
    1. One of the requirements is a return ticket. So what if i book a ticket and they deny the visa for some reason?
    It is a lot of expense when you don’t know if they will give it?

    2. Is an international health insurance required?

    3. Also, given the most common and budget flights have stop over in London and USA, do we need a Transit visa and if yes what is the procedure?

    • Hey Manish.

      1. I always book a refundable ticket or print out my flight itinerary and show that. In Peru visa too, I did the same.
      2. no. But maybe you want to take a travel insurance?
      3. I stopped over in Dubai and didn’t get out of the airport for I was there at night. You don’t need a transit visa in London if it’s a stop over and you don’t get out of the airport. In the US a year back people were complaining about transit visas and there were some issues. I don’t know how the current scene is but if you are just stopping over and not getting out of the airport you don’t need a visa.

      Hope this helps.

  14. Hello Priyanka,
    First of all Thanks for very nice and helpful post 🙂

    I am planning to visit Peru and currently staying in Brazil and having US Business Visa.
    How can get the Peruvian visa if it is needed for me?Is there any thing visa on arrival?
    Secondly if yes I have to apply for it in Peruvian Embassy in Brasil?

    Ajay 🙂

    • Hello Ajay. Thanks for your comment. I have written in my blog that if you have a valid US visa, you can visit Peru by showing that. Kindly go through the official declaration as I have linked above. Hope this helps.

      • Thanks for the reply Priyanka.
        That probably means I don’t need to apply for Tourist Visa anymore 🙂
        Also the above declaration link is closed it seems.

        Thanks you!

    • Hey Gursewak. To find a cheap flight you can go to Skyscanner and allow flexible dates and stopovers as well. I flew to South America from Mumbai and found the Mumbai route to be the cheapest.

    • Hi priyanka, as you said you just passed through dubai airport, so there is direct flight from dubai to peru?
      And i have one more query i am an indian staying in dubai with a residence visa. What will be the other documents i require to get a peru visa?

      • Hey Vaishakh. I booked a flight from Mumbai to Santiago that stopped at Dubai and Sao Paulo. I didn’t see but there might be direct flights from Dubai to Peru, too. Just check on yatra or Goibibo. That was a connecting flight and I was telling Gursewak that for connecting flights – when you book one flight but the airlines do the journey in two or three parts and stopover in between – you do not need a visa unless you are walking out of the airport. Airports are neutral transit lands. For more documents find the embassy of Peru in Dubai and check with them. Peruvians embassies are not such busy places and you will find the required information easily.

  15. Hi Priyanka,

    Could you please tell me what is the minimum required funds they are expecting us to have for VISA approval (peru).


    • Hey Abel,

      I am not sure but take an approximate of the amount of time you want to stay in Peru and the expenditure per day you expect. If you want to stay for say fifteen days, you can submit a bank statement showing a lac or maybe 1.5 lacs. If they ask you can give an estimate of your hotel charges and food per day. Food in Peru is cheap so the expenditure would be limited. Hope this helps. Let me know the amount you show eventually and how the application goes. This information would be useful for other readers. Thank you.

  16. Hi there,

    Very informative post! Thank you for sharing details!

    Have a quick question, this is regarding Peru, I have visit visa (TRV) for Canada, will that work to get into Peru?

  17. Hi
    Wanted to know more about Peru
    The cheap accomodation for Indians.
    Also a lot more.
    And if there are any Indian restaurants and Indian businesses in Lima and other major cities in Peru


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