How to Score a Peru Visa on an Indian Passport – From India and South America

I traveled in Peru for a little more than a month, as the immigration officer at the Arica-Tacna (Chile-Peru) border crossing had stamped my passport with a one-time stay of thirty days, though I had a 183 days and one-year-valid Peru visa stamped on my blue passport. To get to stay a few days over a month, I had gone to the immigration office in Cusco to extend my stay. 

The immigration officer in Cusco listened to my pre-rehearsed story that elaborated how I was in love with Peru and a month to explore it was too short. He stamped my passport with more days and suggested me to request the border officer next time to allow me to stay the entire duration granted by my visa. I would have told the young immigration in charge at the Tacna border that I intended to stay for the whole period, but I was still new to long-term travel. 

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Also, the officer at the border crossing had been bewildered to see an Indian passport; he twisted and turned my passport in his hand and was only relieved when my Chilean taxi-driver-cum-immigration-expert told him that I held a visa for the officer’s beloved motherland.

All the bags were scanned, and I was found guilty of possessing pears and plums, the life-saving rehydrating souvenirs from the desert city of Arica. As Peru is a major cultivator and exporter of colorful fruits and vegetables, I was allowed to cross only after the border officials bereft me of my fruits.

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peru visa for indian citizens


peru visa for indian citizens


Peru was historically and culturally rich. I still have to visit a lot of countries, but I am sure Peru would remain one of my favorites for a long time. 

As I climbed the imposing summits of the mystical Machu Pichu, strolled along the cobbled streets of the bustling-yet-quaint town of Cusco, immersed myself in the serenity and the lushness of the Amazon, and watched a star-studded night from the roof of a rustic house on the remote islands of the highest navigable lake in the world, I couldn’t help but gaze at the Peruvian natural wonders and the man-made, nature-adhering solutions in awe. 

The air of Peru was filled with romance, and the politeness of the people and the rich aroma of the flavorful Peruvian food indulged me completely.


peru visa for indian citizens


peru visa for indian citizens


peru visa for indian citizens


The process of the Peru visa was worth the effort to see the gorgeous country. But the process simplified soon after I visited Peru.

Since March 2017, Indian nationals holding a minimum six-months valid visa or who are permanent residents of either US, Canada, UK, Australia, or any Schengen member country can enter Peru for one-eighty-days (180) per year without a Peru visa(for tourism and business visits). 

You can check out the below links to read the official order. 

The acknowledgment of the visa exemption by the Indian embassy in Lima.

The official declaration of the Peru embassy in India. 


But those of you who do not hold any such visas or permanent residentships, please read on to understand the process of Peru visa for Indian citizens. 

I visited the Peru consulate in Santiago. The office gave me a list of documents and told me that the timeline to get the Peru visa was two days. Please note that I had a six-month temporary residentship in Chile and a Chilean identity card ( Carnet or RUT ). Later, I have also listed the process of application and the required documents if you are applying for a Peru visa from India. 


Peru visa for Indian citizens — If you are applying from Chile.

Here is the list of the documents that I had to submit to the Peru consulate in Santiago (Given I held a temporary residentship of Chile),

  1. Passport and a photocopy of the passport
  2. A photocopy of the Chilean identity card
  3. Certificate of Antecedentes (a criminal or police record, a proof that I hadn’t engaged in illegal activities during my stay in Chile)
  4. One passport size photo
  5. Last three-month bank statements
  6. Hotel bookings during the stay in Peru
  7. Return flight tickets
  8. Completed application form

I had everything else except the return ticket. I spoke to an Indian friend who had recently traveled to Peru, and she told me she had to submit many notarized documents(from the list mentioned above) with the Peru visa application. But she did not show any flight tickets as her Chilean friend had explained to the consulate that they were going to Peru in a car. The process of visa depends a little bit on the specific consulate and the concerned officials.

Here is an Indian traveler talking about his struggles to get Peru visa while he was traveling in South America.

As none of the airlines allowed me to hold tickets, I went to the consulate with the rest of the documents. The documents were straightforward. You can get the Certificate of Background from the Civil Registry in any Chilean city. I submitted my Indian Citibank account statements which were in English, and the account balance was in Indian Rupees. My carnet was valid only for a few more days.  

I paid the visa fee of 36 USD and explained to the lady at the consulate that I was planning to travel by bus. She grabbed my documents and talked to her boss about my case. 

The inquisitive visa lady really wanted to visit India and wondered if arrange marriage still prevailed in India and if my parents had chosen a groom back home. She even asked me if I had a boyfriend. See, visa interviews and appointments aren’t all boring. 

While talking to me, she not only forgot that other people were waiting for her, but she also forgot to tell me that her bosses didn’t care about return tickets.  

Two days later, I collected my passport, which was stamped with a 183-days-long and one-year valid Peru visa.

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Peru visa for Indian citizens — If you are applying from India.

You need the documents listed below ( As per the Peru embassy in India’s website.)

1. Valid passport for at least one year and one photocopy of the passport

2. Two DGC-005 forms dully typed/handwritten in block letters with black ink

3. Recent three colored passport size (4.3 X 3.5) photographs with a white background. (face size between 70% – 80%)

4. Covering letter duly signed by the applicant

5. No Objection Certificate from the applicant’s company indicating the purpose and the time of stay in Peru ( not applicable to retired, housewife, student, minors.) 

6. Return ticket for Peru

7. Day by day detailed tour itinerary

8. Hotel reservations in Peru

9. In the case of sponsored trips: 

a) Sponsor in Peru or India should present a guarantee letter in which he confirms that he will be responsible to bear all costs of boarding and lodging of the applicant or repatriation in case of traveler has acquired illegal status

b) Identification Documents similar to a copy of DNI, Aadhar card, Passport or any national Identification Document

c) Financial proofs of the sponsor like bank Statement, Fix Deposit and any other deposit

As per the embassy, the duration of processing the Peru visa is 3-5 working days, and the visa fee is Rs 2250, in cash.


This was the story of my Peru visa.

Guys, as long as you have time and health under your arm, travel. If for nothing else, travel to see this world, that is more beautiful than anything else.


peru visa for indian citizens


Watch out this space for my upcoming travel stories from Peru, Bolivia, and Chile.

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Are you planning to go to Peru? Let me know if you have more questions about getting a Peru visa for Indian citizens. 


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