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Bolivia Visa for Indians (From India and South America) and Extending It in Bolivia

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Bolivia gives a visa on arrival to most of the western countries (excluding the USA), to other South-American countries such as Chile and Peru, and India. But you can only get the Bolivia visa on arrival if you land at Santa Cruz or La Paz airports, and this visa costs USD 55. As I was crossing into Bolivia via land, I decided to get a visa before the visit, and so I went to the Bolivian consulate in Cusco. The visa application process was fast; the visa was free; I had the visa in an hour.

If you are planning to get a Bolivia visa on arrival, then please confirm by calling the Bolivian consulate in Delhi, as I have heard mixed reviews of Indians who tried getting a visa on arrival in Bolivia.

Read the Bolivian visa policy here.


What does this Bolivia Visa for Indians guide contain?

  1. Bolivia Visa for Indians – The Application process from Peru
  2. Bolivia Visa for Indians – The Application process from India
  3. What is the validity of Bolivia travel visa?
  4. How can you extend your Bolivia visa?
  5. What will happen if you overstay in Bolivia?


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Bolivia Visa for Indians – The Application process from Peru

The officer at the Bolivian consulate in Cusco directed me to the cyber cafe near the consulate and told me to fill an application there. The cyber cafe owner, who was overloaded with travelers who wanted to go to Bolivia, asked me to fill a form, upload the necessary documents, and submit the application. And I followed his instructions methodically.

The steps to apply for a Bolivia travel visa:

1. Fill the application form –

Complete the online official Bolivia visa application form provided by the government of Bolivia. The form is available in both English and Spanish.

2. Attach the documents required for the Bolivia visa –

  • Hotel reservations – I made a few fully-refundable and cancellable bookings on If you have made temporary reservations, remember to cancel the bookings after you receive the visa.
  • Travel tickets – I didn’t have to show any tickets as I told the consul that I was going to Bolivia on a bus from Cusco. If you are flying into Bolivia make sure you attach a copy of your confirmed air tickets. If you haven’t booked the flight tickets yet, attach flight tickets on hold, or just an itinerary from an airline’s website would suffice.
  • Bank account statements – I applied for the visa in March and attached the February’s bank statement which was in English.
  • A rough itinerary – A simple itinerary with the approximate dates of travel, the place you are traveling to, and the duration of the stay there.
  • A passport size photo – The consulate or the form didn’t mention a specific format of the picture, so I attached a soft copy that I had from five years ago. Always carry a few passport size photos while traveling (some of which could be the ones that you got clicked for other visas) both in printed form and soft copy format.
  • Passport – Attach the scan of the front and the back page of the passport.
  • Yellow fever vaccination card – I have written about the requirements of a yellow fever vaccination card here in my comprehensive Bolivia travel guide. If you are going to the Amazon in Bolivia and have included it in your itinerary, you have to get the yellow fever shots and attach the card with your visa application.

3. Submit the application-

Preview the application and save it. If all the details are correct, submit the application.

4. Print the complete application form and the documents attached.

5. Visit the Bolivian consulate in Cusco –

Carry the documents, the printed application form, a photo, and your original passport while visiting the consulate.

6. Show the documents, pay nothing, and get the visa stamped on your passport.

That is all to getting a Bolivia travel visa from Peru.

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Bolivia Visa for Indians -The Application process from India

Steps 1 to 4 are the same for applying for a Bolivia travel visa from India.

But as the consulate of Bolivia is only located in New Delhi, you either have to go to Delhi to get the visa or you can take the help of a visa agent who will submit your passport and the other documents at the Bolivian consulate in Delhi. Then the agent can again collect your passport and mail it back to you.

The Bolivian consulate has been known to be helpful regarding visa queries. So call them if you don’t receive an update on your visa in a few days.

Contact of the Bolivia Consulate 

Bolivian Consulate in New Delhi, India
A-2/7 Ground Floor, Vasant Vihar
New Delhi, 110057, India
Phone: 91-11-46060934
Fax: 91-11-46060935

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What is the validity of Bolivia travel visa?

The Bolivia visa was valid for 30 days and allowed me a single entry and exit into Bolivia. And remember that the entry and exit days are included in the 30 days (this is true for most of the visas).


How can you extend your Bolivia visa? 

Bolivia is a gorgeous country, and that is why I have written a 8,500 words long comprehensive travel guide to Bolivia.

If you want to stay for more than 30 days in Bolivia, you can get your Bolivia visa extended for another 30 days. What if even after 60 days you find yourself lost in the Bolivian Andes? You can get the visa extended for another 30 days.

You can stay in Bolivia for a total of 90 days by combining the original visa duration(30 days) and two extensions(of 30 days each).

What are the documents needed to extend the visa?

  1. Original Passport and a printout of the first and the last page of your passport.
  2. A copy of the passport page which has the Bolivia visa.
  3. A copy of the passport page which has the entry stamp.
  4. Your Bolivian tourist card and a copy of the tourist card – You get a stamped card when you enter the country. Keep that card safe as you need it for extending the visa, and you also have to return it when you leave Bolivia. But sometimes the border officers don’t give you this card. Don’t panic if that happens, and explain to the consulate that you didn’t receive one.

From where can you get the Bolivia visa extended?

You will have to go the Bolivian consulate in one of the big cities of Bolivia – Cochabamba, La Paz, Sucre, and Santa Cruz – to get the visa extended.

  1. If you are hiking the Andes in La Paz, go here – Directions to the immigration office in La Paz.
  2. If you are learning Spanish in Sucre, go here  – Directions to the immigration office in Sucre.
  3. If you are waiting to see the Jaguars in Santa Cruz, go here – Directions to the Immigration office in Santa Cruz.
  4. If you are (I don’t know why) in Cochabamba, go here – Directions to the Immigration office in Cochabamba.

When should you get your visa extended?

During the last three days of the visa validity period.


How can you get your Bolivia visa extended?

  • Carry the documents I mentioned above and visit the immigration office of the city you are in. Go early to avoid queues.
  • Get a token number from the information desk, or there might be a separate desk to attend people. Watch out for your token number on the screen.
  • When your number displays, go with your documents to the counter and tell the officer that you need a 30-day visa extension.  The Spanish translation for this phrase is “Quiero trenta días más, por favor.”
  • Voila!

What will happen if you overstay in Bolivia?

For each day you overstay in Bolivia you will have to pay a fine of 20 Bolivianos (or $3) at the border while leaving Bolivia. But why do you want to do that?



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Are the Bolivia visa requirements clear to you now? Please leave comments if you have any more questions, because I always reply.

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  1. Hi Priyanka, i want to travel to la paz for few days next month and interested in taking visa on arrival,i am curious after reading your advice about different opinions on getting visa on arrival,what could be the possible problem? I am a permanent resident of Brazil and having passports full of visas of every continent, i have to travel to Sao Paulo for the visa which i just don’t want at the moment, kindly advise

  2. Priyanka,
    Hats off to you. People
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    Thanks again

  3. I am planning to travel South America overland by public transport. I planning the route: Columbia-Peru- Bolivia- Chile- Argentina and fly back to India. Some of the countries are asking for onward flight tickets for VISA. How to provide flight tickets, as I am planning to travel overland by crossing land border. Please guide.

    • Hi. Why don’t you tell the embassies that you are traveling by the road? Or just show them flight tickets on hold or print itineraries. Also think about taking the next visa in every country if you are not strict on dates and have time on your hand. I took Peru’s visa in Chile, Bolivia’s in Peru easily. BUt it was hard to get a Chilean visa in Bolivia. When I took the visa from individual embassy I showed them an itinerary and even told one embassy I was traveling by road. Hope this helps.

  4. Thanks priyanka. I want to visit Bolivia next year. Which months are good enough to visit. I like to go solo, though i am 73. informations you gave helped me to know about Bolivia visa system.
    Janardan pati

  5. Hi Priyanka,
    Thank you for the detailed post. I am travelling to Bolivia next month and as part of my itinerary, I have to enter and exit Bolivia twice to travel to other countries in 30 days. So the question is, do they issue multiple or double entry visa? I would like to apply from India. Kindly advice. Many thanks for your post as it certainly helpful for travellers like me..

  6. Hi Priyanka,
    Thanks a ton and your post came across really helpful. I have clarification – I am based in Bangalore and will be travelling to Bolivia in Dec 2019 and do they provide multiple tourist visa? I am doing Brazil, Bolivia and Peru, so i am ending up flying in and out of Bolivia more than once. Kindly let me know as i am planning to apply for my visa in India. Kindly suggest what are the options if they dont grant multiple entry. thanks a bunch

    • Hi Vijay, thanks for your kind comments. I am not sure if Bolivia provides multiple entry visa. Why don’t you call or email the Bolivian embassy contact I have given in the article and ask them? I think they would be the best source to confirm this.

      Let me know what they say. Enjoy Bolivia.

  7. I am 19 years old I am ashamed to travel to Bolivia for three months. If I apply for a visa. Then can I go? I will get a visa. I have not visited any other country. I am the first to apply asylum to Bolivia. Can I go?


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