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Hello there! Welcome to my blog, and thank you for stopping by.  

I am Priyanka Gupta and am from a small town in Uttar Pradesh, North India. I only lived in my hometown until I was fifteen years old. Then I studied in Rajasthan, graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IITD) with a B.Tech in Computer Science and then lived and worked my way around India in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, and Bangalore.

But throughout my software and banking career, I struggled with the mundane nature of the corporate world. I didn’t like staring at those Dell computers in a small cubicle of a multi-storied glass-faceted building to make the rich richer. 

I was sad and disappointed with what I was doing. I wanted to follow my passion and live every day and not just on the weekends.

Soon, I realized that the desk job in a multinational firm wasn’t the best for me.

I had always loved traveling and meeting new people on the road. I wanted to do more of that without having any deadline.

So in 2016, I quit my banking job and booked a one-way ticket to South America. My family was sure that I had gone crazy, and my parents were disappointed in me.

But only I understood my dreams. After a long emotional chapter at home about why I was traveling to another world instead of getting married, I flew.

A four-months-long travel and teach volunteership on a Chilean island soon turned into nine-months-long solo travel throughout the continent.

Those nine months were life-changing. I didn’t find myself in South America, but I sure felt more alive than ever.

My Latin America journey inspired me to travel more, and so I have been traveling the world, solo since 2016. In these three years, I have been on the road, mostly. You could find me sitting with the Andean women in Peruvian islands, cooking Indian food with Chilean families, hiking active volcanoes, wandering in tropical rainforests, venturing down into deep canyons, stalking orangutans, teaching English to Latin-American students, admiring centuries-old temples silhouetted against the evening orange sky, diving at old shipwrecks in the turquoise Indian ocean, and writing.

Life changed, in a way. I was still the same girl who like spending more time on the road than at home. I was the same girl who was scared of what would her parents think of her quitting her job and traveling alone. I was the same girl whose writing mentor had told her that her writing needed a lot of work.

But I was determined this time. I wanted to see the world and do something meaningful for others and myself. I wanted my life and work to be extensions of each other, a joint experience if you would say.

I longed to find something that would suit the wanderer and the thinker roaring inside me.

I always had writing by my side though I never saw it until recently. I was intimidated by the idea of earning butter paneer and roti out of writing.

Then leaving behind all the fears, I launched this blog. I repent not starting a blog years ago, but I think I am better off now, having finally started.

Writing, traveling, and blogging are my new way of life. Finally being able to live the way I wanted to, I got my energy and positivity back.

Because it was all going great, and I wanted to travel without any inhibitions or an apartment expenses to hold me back, I became a nomad, or location-independent, in late 2018. I gave up my apartment, where I stayed now and then, sold most of my stuff and packed the rest in bags and kept with my friends, and started working on the go.

Now, I write full-time while traveling the world, alone. I often go back to Bangalore to be with my partner who stays and works there.

Having lived this lifestyle for more than two years now I have realized that being a digital nomad doesn’t mean that I am moving around every day. Some times my Bangalore stays could stretch to a few months, and the same goes for my travel trips. 

Location independence or the ability to be able to work on the laptop from anywhere is liberating.

I focus on offbeat destinations, culture, wildlife and nature, local communities, homestays, and local life, ethnic festivals, old architecture, history, and art, and human relationships. I promote a sustainable, long-term travel lifestyle while traveling responsibly and supporting local endeavors.

Though I wouldn’t say that leaving behind a cushioned-job to starting out on your own is easy, I can say that life has been treating me well. For me, leaving the corporate world behind to travel and write is the best decision I ever took.

What do I write? What is this blog about? On My Canvas is a personal growth and travel blog. It is a potpourri of my passion, travel journeys, life inspiration ideas, stories, and hard work.

I write about my travel experiences. You can read my travel stories, narrative travel guides and travel tips, and inspiration to go around the world on your own over here: Travel

I also pen down my life ideas to live better. You can read my best stories and science-backed ideas on personal growth, self-improvement, psychology and emotional intelligence, philosophy, and more, here: Articles

I also give a lot of tips on writing and blogging and share the struggles I face on my writing journey. Read all my articles on writing here: Writing and Blogging

Thank you for reading so far.

 I hope you found what you were looking for. If you want to talk to me or have more questions about my journey, please feel free to drop me a line. Let me know what can I improve and what worked 🙂

To contact me you can email me at

You can also connect with me on Twitter and Instagram.

Have a great day.

Like Ruskin Bond, I also want to bring a little sunshine into your life. Happy reading 🙂

Join me to read more about my escapades around the world and what I learn on the way. See you around. 


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23 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Priyanka it’s so nice to read about you and your travel journey.I came across your blog.Slowly reading and taking in your travel spirit.Best wishes enjoy.

  2. Hey Priyanka…. really excited to read about you….even I love to travel and really want to see the raw hills…and other places around the world …I used to be scared and had the thoughts of safety while travelling solo…but your blocks are really inspiring…look forward to a trip…till then keep sharing as it really felt like I was travelling with you…. kuddus for the strength and for the way you choose to live…an inspiration..✌️?

  3. Hi Priyanka, I’m 50yrs old. I did my engineering degree from Bangalore. I’m really inspired and equally saddened reading your blog, because now I’m too old to follow an option like yours. I regret for choosing to spend my life in making carrier and earning money, instead choosing like yours. My son is in his final year of graduation. I Forwarded him all your threads and wish he follow yours, not mine. Wish you all the best and continue fulfilling your life.

  4. Thanks Priyanka,

    Yeah!!, This is what I was looking for. Very inspiring and life changing blog. I have same kind of feeling and dreams.. You are living the life we all engineers wish.. keep writing, living and enjoying your journey. Thank you so much for this canvas, I will read all articles gradually. I have got the website link from my best friend taody and spent around 2 hrs to read your awesome articles on habit, books, travel and writing.

    I wish you all the best in your life journey. Looking forward to following you through this website and instagram.

  5. Hi Priyanka, we already know each other thru Instagram, seeing you posts, i was curious to know more about your lifestyle so visiting your blog. I don’t have any desire to travel the world, as for me living not so routine life,exploring things, facing challenges while discharging the responsibilities is the goal. Your experience in life is definitely going to be a great help in firming up ideas. Wishing you more success in doing what you want to do in life.

    • Thank you, Paritosh, for all the support always. I only want to see the world for the experiences. Otherwise, I never have a bucket list or the number of countries or places I have visited or want to visit. I want to see how people live around the world, learn from that, and share the stories. Facing challenges and growing on our journey is my goal. and I am sharing that here with all sheer honesty that I can. So the two sections of the blog – personal growth and travel. Wishing you all the good luck and clarity of mind while you experience all that you want to 🙂

  6. Priyanka, I came across your blog when searching for VIsa requirements for Indians to travel to Peru. Then I was amazed by your experience and life lessons. Kudos for your decision to turn your life. I hope to follow you and hear more stories. Enjoy your journey. If you are visiting Texas sometimes, give a shout.

  7. Hey Priyanka: Came across your blog site while looking for travel ideas in Bolivia and have been hooked on your articles for the last 3 hours. Absolutely blown away by all your experiences. Not to mention, two thumbs up for the lifestyle you’ve chosen – it takes courage and a ton of guts to do what you did – kudos to you. You’re living the life we all crave and desire but almost all of us are too scared to take that proverbial leap. Good for you and wish you all the best in your adventures. Looking forward to following you on your journey through your blog and twitter.

    • Hey Arijit. This is such a nice heart-warming message you have left. You are very kind. I am glad that you found the blog helpful and thanks for taking out the time to read it. I took the leap because I had to. I couldn’t continue the way I was living. Also, I wanted to tell others that things work out if we try. We would only know if we jump. Hoping to listen from you more. All the best. Thanks again for stopping by.

  8. I loved ur article on marriage and couldn’t leave without telling u how much I felt related but I fell into pressures.. I always wished to travel solo and see the whole world. By reading ur blog feels like I am traveling.. thanks for being an inspiration.
    Hope to read more from u.
    All the best?

    • Thank you, Roopam. Your comment means a lot and inspires me to write. I wish you that you also go out of your home alone, even if for one day, and see that the world isn’t such a scary place after all. I am here if you need help. Sending love and positive energy your way.


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