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  • Destination Promotion Campaigns with Press Trips 

I love traveling and writing. You can read a few travel articles on On My Canvas to see if I would be a good fit to promote your destination. 

I am a narrative writer. So rest assured that your destination won’t get faded away in bulk of “10 top things to do” and “Your 2020 bucket-list” kind of articles. No offense to the blogs out there, but I don’t write travel tips without telling stories. 

I also share impactful images of the places I visit along with meaningful captions on social media, that is Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms that I might find relevant. 

While social media buzz fades away with time, my SEO-optimized travel articles always find a way to the screens of aspiring travelers. 

A few of my popular travel articles:

Learning Spanish in South America, A travelogue

Manali to Naggar

Spiti Valley Travel Guide

A detailed Chile travel article


Some of my most-liked Personal Development and Life Inspiration articles:

30 Life Lessons that I Learned From my Twenties

12 principles that I have been following since childhood to achieve goals

 Why should you keep fighting for your dreams


  • Travel Photography

I am not a born photographer, but I have been learning photography over time. I click pictures with Nikon and Google Pixel. 

A fan of nature and bird photography, I love bright pictures that capture small moments of life, landscapes, and people.

Please have a look at my Instagram and see the articles here to understand my photography style.  

My favorite Photo Essays:

Daroji Bear Sanctuary Hampi

Hampi Travel Guide 

Spiti Photo Essay

Hyderabad Travelogue and Guide  (Clicked with phone)

Pushkar Photo Essay (Clicked with Phone)

Angkor Wat in a Photo Essay  (Clicked with phone)


  • Social Media Collaborations and Giveaways

I share my journey on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook, more than on any other platform. I have more than 9500 followers on these accounts, and the numbers are forever growing. 

I would be happy to write about your destination and my experience there on my social media accounts. 

Here are my social media profiles:

Instagram @priyanka_onmycanvas

Pinterest @priyanka_onmycanvas

Twitter @guptapranky

Facebook @onmycanvasblog


  • Property reviews — homestays, ecological and responsible guesthouses, any other kind of environment-friendly and sustainable property

I mostly stay at Eco lodges, homestays, community houses, heritage properties, environment-friendly guest houses, and I love to write about them in my articles on the destination. Though these are the major kinds of properties I stay at, please feel free to email me and check if you have a place that doesn’t seem to fit in the above categories.

Made a shack out of recycled garbage? Email me. Have more dogs and cats than humans? Contact me. Your walls are covered in defiant graffitis? I am here to click. 

You get the idea. 

A few articles in which I have written about the guesthouses I stayed at:

Places to see in Hampi along with Hampi travel logistics 

Pushkar Photo Diary and Places to Stay


  • Tours, Treks, and Experience reviews

I am an avid hiker and always ready to experience offbeat destinations and experiences. 


  • Freelance Technical and Travel Writing

Please have a look at my Awards and Media page to see a collection of my writing published over the various media publications. 

But to give you a gist, I write travel and science-backed personal growth articles. I do fiction writing. I am a published poet, too. 

I also write on Quora (Quora Top Writer 2018), am a part of various Medium Publications (Medium Top Travel Writer 2018), and a contributor to Women’s Web, YouthkiAwaaz et cetera. 

I am a technical writer and have written for various clients across the world. Some of the industries I have written for are e-commerce businesses, tech startups, educational ventures, travel publications, personal growth journals et cetera.

Specialties: Travel writing, Technical Writing, Fiction Writing, Content Writing, Blog Articles, SEO.

Please do send me an email if you want me to write from you, and I can send you my writing portfolio.


  • Travel, Blogging, and Writing Conferences and Talks

Since the time I graduated with a Computer Science degree from IIT Delhi in 2010, I have brought upon some major changes in my life. In about 2016, I started traveling the world full-time and soon shifted my career from a software engineer and investment banker to a full-time writer and blogger. 

You can read more about my journey in my bio

A lot of people from around the world ask me how did I bring upon this change and want me to guide them through the process. I frequently get requests from people to speak at their events.

Recently, I recorded many audio podcasts about my career shift and how I started from scratch as a writer and blogger. I will add those interviews here when they go live. Do come back later to check them out. 

I have also been interviewed for print:

My interview with Ingrid, Zen Moments Travel Blog – An Interview to Inspire

My interview on Digital Nomads Peru Website – On traveling the world as a digital nomad – The challenges and benefits.

I would be more than happy to share my journey and experience with your audience. Please connect over email if you think I would be the right fit for your event. 


  • Writing, Blogging, and SEO consultation

I am a self-learned blogger and writer, and I have tonnes of tips for beginner bloggers and writers. I frequently answer the queries of my fellow blogger friends.

Some of my best articles on Writing and Blogging:

Tips for New Bloggers from 2 Years of Blogging

How to start writing and writer better – Tips for new writers

If you need help or advice for SEO, blog, or writing, do reach out to me. I might just help you out for free if you only have a few questions. But if you need deeper help with how to start a blog, how to bring traffic through SEO, what are the important things a beginner blogger should keep in mind, or looking for some writing help, we can discuss your requirement. 

I would be happy to help you out.

Why should you work with me?

The blog would have given you an insight into my sincerity for writing and my work, but you would only recognise my professional qualities once you have worked with me.

While not being boastful, let me share some of my best strengths:

  1. Passionate and Visual Writer — I show, not tell. Let me tell your stories and reach your target audience.
  2. Punctual Assignment Deliveries — I have been a punctual person since I was a little girl. Graduating from IIT and working for banks filled the gaps if there were any. I have brought the same professionalism to my blogging career. Work with me to see for yourself.
  3. Clear Communication — I have always been appreciated for my verbal and written communication and interpersonal skills in all my previous organizations. If you are looking for someone who will be clear about the requirements and deliverables since Day 1, then I am your person.

Oh, I have been known to be very respectful, socially aware, and friendly with people from around the world. So irrespective of the place I go, I can always find my way around with the locals. If I don’t get to know them, how will I tell their stories?


Would you like to work with me?

If you would like to work with me, please send me an email at I always reply. 

Please find my downloadable media kit that has all blog statistics, social media numbers, and other details below.



Please Note: I don’t work for free. Also, I don’t work in exchange for the immense popularity your platform can bring to me.

Another important thing to note: Please do not copy content or pictures from my blog to put on your platform. All content and images on this website are copyright of Priyanka Gupta.


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