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If you are an aspiring writer or a blogger who has some questions or is asking for advice, please have a look at my Writing and Blogging guides to see if you can find the answer there. I love helping out budding bloggers but as per time constraints I have not been able to talk on the phone as some people have requested in the past. Apologies about that.

Needless to say, you can always reach out to me at or my below social media profiles to connect and chat further.

I always reply to emails and messages, and I find blog comments sometimes to be the quickest platform for a conversation.

If you are from a digital media company or a publication or are looking for a collaboration of any kind, please contact me at or at the below social media profiles. I do see messages everywhere but reaching out to me over an email would ensure that I don’t miss your message.


Social Media platforms:


Instagram: Priyanka_onmycanvas

Facebook: On My Canvas

Twitter: Guptapranky

In any case, never shy away from dropping a line or sending a text to say hello. After all, human connections are the best.

Thank you.


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