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My Poem Was Published in Alone Together—Tales of Sisterhood and Solitude in Latin America

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Backpacking South America was one of the best decisions that I ever took. And the nine months I spent there is the shining skyline of my chaotic life.

As I returned back and tried to stand straight on Indian grounds again, someone told me about a writing competition that was looking for entries from women who had traveled solo to South America.

Yes, I was one of those women.

Having marked the deadline, I started writing for the competition a month before.

I submitted an essay and a poem. The essay took a month and the poem took a day.

Guess what? The poem got published.

The poem is about a friendship that climbed the Peruvian summits and twinkled in the blue skies of Bolivia. Please read the poem to find out more.

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latin america

This collection of 36 stories and poems is from women who hail from different parts of the world but have one thing in common — they all dared to travel to Latin America alone. They went through breathtakingly beautiful and shit-your-pants kind of scary experiences. But they did not give up. Some of them decided to stay there and some of them left. These tales are the pieces of South America left in their hearts.

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latin america

The book has been published by 3 fearless women  who are now based out of Colombia and are writers, publishers, editors, bloggers, and travelers. They want to encourage women to go to South America, even if they are alone. Because they did it and absolutely loved it.

Then why should other women be afraid? Just because of the scary stories from the continent? But in which part of the world ugly and unjustified things do not happen?

To know and live through the experiences of these women, of whom I am luckily a part of, please buy a copy and read. The book is at a discount until November 21 when it gets released. The book was released. You can buy it from Amazon here. It has got good reviews from some well-known authors and is already one of the best sellers in the South America category.

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latin america
latin america

Enough said. Please read and find out for yourself. Hope you enjoy.

Do let me know if the book instigates you to know more about South America. Maybe it stirs a desire to fly to this majestic land.

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latin america

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step ― Lao Tzu.

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And you, do you also have memories from Latin America?


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5 thoughts on “My Poem Was Published in Alone Together—Tales of Sisterhood and Solitude in Latin America”

  1. Hi Priya,
    That’s so cool! Getting published in a book, and all about the things you love! I’ve read some posts on your blog now, very nice and inspiring indeed. Keep it up! 🙂

    • Hey Erik,
      Thanks for visiting and reading 🙂

      Yes, it is exciting to be published. Especially about something so close to your heart. I am glad you liked the posts. Please keep reading. Let me know if I could do something better.

      Thanks again. Stay connected 🙂

  2. Congrats! It is so cool that we are so many strong women gathered to share our stories. I’m looking so much forward to reading your story too! Sounds like quite a thing with a romance in the Peruvian summits 🙂


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