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Revenge is Fatal

The Blue Frog and The Honey Bee

Once upon a time, a blue frog lived in a blue pond.

He liked eating flies. Whenever he saw a fly, he would stick out his tongue. The fly would get stuck to frog’s tongue. Then the frog would quickly withdraw his tongue inside and gulp the fly. He then bathed happily in the ink-blue water of the pond.

One day, a honey bee was flying with two house flies near the pond. While the bee settled on a red hibiscus growing near the pond, the flies flew down to the shore of the pond to sit near the cool water. The frog sucked-in both the flies one by one. The honey bee, who was watching the hunting game of the frog from the hibiscus grove, flew to the frog and bit him on his neck.

The honey bee then fluttered weakly to a green grass patch by the shore but not too close to the frog.

The frog mumbled in pain, “Why did you bite my tongue?”

She said, “You ate the flies. They were my friends. So I bit you.”

“But flies are my food. I would die hungry if I do not trap them.” The frog’s neck was now starting to swell.

The honey bee replied, “Biting to protect and to take revenge is my nature.”

And then she trembled to death.

I am a thinker, an observer, and a writer.

I often ask myself how could we make it simpler? This “it” could be practising a routine, controlling our anger, maintaining focus and motivation, or organizing our thoughts.

Whatever the problem is — it could be solved. I am here to find the solution — to untangle the jumbled up threads of life. To block the extra noise. To live better.

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