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A Gorgeous Sunset on Bali’s Nusa Penida Island

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Covid Update Jan 2024: Indonesia is now open for all travelers.

Irrespective of from where and with whom you watch a sunset, each sunset is of its own kind and is perfect in its own way.

I witnessed the golden beauty submerging in the Indian ocean from the island of Nusa Penida, near Bali, and in the zen state that followed, I wrote this piece of writing which I am publishing here (with some editing).

The Glorious Sunset on Nusa Penida Island, Indonesia

gorgeous sunset behind the ships on nusa penida island indonesia

The orange sun turns complete golden, like a ripe mango, just before dipping in the water.

The sky and the clouds follow the sun’s orders. Till he stays, they remain orange and red and golden. Shining light beams shoot out of the clouds that are curtaining the sinking sun. And the silver outlining of the clouds spread in front of the sun seems as if a string of light is tied around them.

building architecture against sun on nusa penida island indonesia
gorgeous sunset on the nusa penida island indonesia

The water still ripples softly. The tall coconut trees sway with the wind, only to make a soft rustling sound and remind you of their presence. While atop, the birds fly to their homes.

Children run up and down the dock, playing, getting ready for the evening, for the time they would spend with their families, in dinner, and then bed. They know it’s the last stretch of playfulness before they are called into their homes by their mothers who are waiting with warm plates of fried chicken and rice and sambal with some ice tea.

gorgeous sunset

Men are working; Some of them are nailing wooden planks into the roof, while some are cleaning up the dock and putting the diving and snorkeling gear back onto the pier. The lady who grills mackerel over an open wood fire, waves at you, trying to sell some crispy fish, while the amber flames dance next to her. Maybe she expects many customers, or perhaps the fire is to attract people with its warmth and light.

a lady grilling fish on the island of nusa penida island
a jeep on a beach in nusa penida island indonesia

A melting hue of orange floats on the sun’s surface before it finally submerges. And then it is gone.

gorgeous sunset on the nusa penida island near bali indonesia
setting sun on the island of nusa penida indonesia

When the sun rises on the other side of the world, a crescent of the moon appears from nowhere, along with his friend the Dhruv tara. The shades of the sky are greyer now, with a light mix of orange and yellow, as if a thoughtful painter dipped his brush in a lemony paint and stroked the freshly painted grey canvas. A few slate-grey clouds float, deciding which way to go.

The coconut trees could only be resembled by their shapes now, for darkness has spread over them. Bats fly above our heads. A little puppy is looking for his mother on the shore, and the mother is scavenging the beach for food.

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dark evening shades on nusa penida island bali indonesia
coconut tree, beach, moon, and evening colors as seen from a beach of nusa penida island in indonesia bali

The sea is rowdier with every minute; the moon is pulling the water towards him. The golden strings of lights around the clouds are switched off. With every passing by minute, the painter melts more orange into the grey sky, giving it a deeper amber color.

The old boat rests next to the coconut trees. If you step back a little, the moon, the orange hues, the rippling water, the docked ships dancing over the rolling waves, the children running around make for a beautiful photo. So you click many.

orange shades of the evening sky in the nusa penida island indonesia
A boat, a moon. and twilight colors after a gorgeous sunset in the island nusa penida bali

Deep blue clouds hang so low near the horizon that you wonder if the sky has merged with the ocean. The volcano Agung, that erupted in June this year and is prohibited for climbing, is hidden behind the dollops of clouds. As if it has done his show for the day.

That is when you think of stepping down into the water from the extended dock and then you beat your legs in the warm water, splashing it all over you while looking into the horizon that is bereft of his sun.

evening hues on nusa penida island in indonesia near bali
swimming in the waters in nusa penida island indonesia

You walk back. The fish lady splashes water on the fire and waves good night. And as you saunter towards your home for the day, a soft prayer plays from a loudspeaker in the temple canopied by pink frangipani. The Islanders have lit a few candles and lights in the temple.

At that moment you understand that people pray in the evening and light lamps and sing prayers to cut into the gloominess that has emerged from the evening darkness. They do all of this to call the sun back.

And you hear a soft melody releasing from your lips as you walk while brushing your palm against the narrow street walls and the trees that stand guarding your way.

gorgeous sunset on nusa penida island


I saw this sunset on the island of Nusa Penida, an hour away from Bali by ferry. But, of course, you can go to any beach, preferably of an island, and try finding these colors on your own while on your adventures in Indonesia. Let us see if you also meet a puppy and his mother playing at the shore amongst the evening hues.

I also had an amazing day on the deserted Nyang Nyang Beach in Bali and at the Ulun Danu Beratan temple. My travel guide to Bali and other first-time traveler tips might be useful as well.

gorgeous sunset on Nusa penida island

Do you love watching sunsets, too?


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