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Ditch Passion, Follow Curiosity – Build a Career You Love

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Follow Your Curiosity to Build Your Best Career – Passion is Not Always Necessary, Even Overrated at Times

You don’t always have to find your passion to create an enjoyable and fulfilling career. Instead, you can follow your curiosity to build a career you will love.

In this essay I will show you how.

First and foremost.

Am I Against Pursuing Passions?

I changed my career at 30 – quit my investment banking job and shelved a CS degree to write – so I better not be against following passions.

As much as I am a spokeswoman (and a living example) of following the ethereal path of doing what you love to do, finding a passion is hard, and pursuing it is even harder.


23 Small Habits to Build the Life You Deserve

good habits to have to live your best life

We always feel that we can do better. And we want to do better. But somehow circumstances and our lives make us think as if we cannot bring a change, at least not without monstrous efforts.

This is not true.

This article is about 23 easy and small habits that we can adapt today without taking a lot of trouble.