Priyanka Gupta


My writing journey that began as an eight-year-old, when I started keeping a diary, continues.

Having a bachelors in computer science, I worked for multiple software and finance firms before leaving the corporate life in 2016 to travel and write.

I am a thinker, an observer, and a writer.

I often ask myself how could we make it simpler? This “it” could be practising a routine, controlling our anger, maintaining focus and motivation, or organizing our thoughts.

Whatever the problem is — it could be solved. I am here to find the solution — to untangle the jumbled up threads of life. To block the extra noise. To live better.

I read philosophy, psychology, biographies, and fiction and share the best of it, molded with my understanding and experience. I study the lives of great people and share their life lessons.

I also write about culture and current issues and travel sometimes.

I believe in the power of words.

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